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Wilson Warehouse Company of Texas
(Project RC 14001)


Analyze Inc.
Steven Valenty (CIS software)


CUPP'S Industrial Supply, INC

Chas Hauf
Quality Manager
3101 N 33rd Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85017
(602) 269-2301


International Paper
Stephen Treat
EDGE-Cost & Profitability Manager
4113 Willow Lake BLVD
Memphis, TN 38118



Analyze Inc/VB Cosmetics, Inc
David De La Cruz
Laboratory & Safety Manager
318 South Bracken Lane
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 766-3970




Business Management Systems Consulting
Bretta Kelly
President BMSC & CIS WWSG
2786 East Desert Broom Place
Chandler, AZ 85286


MCAN-Management Certification of America    
Patti Wiggington
Tel: 713-906-5176
Fax: 281-271-8117


ADVOTECH Company Inc.

George Crouch

632 W. 24th Street

Tempe, Arizona 85282

(480) 736-0406


Great Western Registrar 
Karey Cwiekowski
Tel: 623-580-1801
Fax: 623-505-9685




As an aerospace manufactrurer of complex parts, going through the AS9100 certification process can be expensive as well as painful if you don’t have the right personnel or resources to accomplish such a goal. Our goal was to be AS9100 compliant, but after meeting and consulting with Bretta Kelly, (author of these templates), we changed our goal to not be compliant but certified within three months. We documeneted our system to the lastest AS9100C standard in less than two weeks using these AS9100 templates/programs and passed our customer’s AS9100 compliance audit follow up with no issues. We will be registered to AS9100B before the end of 2009. We strongly encourage anyone thinking of certification to use these templates and see how easy it can be for your complany to become AS9100 certified. I have been in the aerospace business for more than 25 years, and this is the best and easiest system that I have ever used.

Mark Miller- Quality Manager, Cassavant Machining, INC






UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia is a contract warehousing solution for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines. They are responsible to put together all of the parts required to build an aircraft engine and ship the complete package to the various assembly plants worldwide for final assembly. They also are responsible to pick and ship engine replacement parts to all of the airlines using Pratt and Whitney engines for repair and maintenance. This operation demands excellence in warehousing practices, security, handling and packaging. The operation is so critical that they have full time in-house Pratt and Whitney Quality Representatives that continually oversight the operations. Additionally, their facility in Atlanta is fully secure including tight entrance security, walk-through metal detectors and full package and briefcase inspections.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions must meet the same challenging Pratt and Whitney quality specifications as do the manufacturers of the parts. CIS was introduced as a solution three months ago and after testing and trial software runs, UPS Supply Chain Solutions has become yet another valued customer using our software and the online features.

Pratt and Whitney quality personnel have full access on-line to their CIS Software and can monitor their paperwork trails, quality decisions and much more.

The Shippers Group was certified to ISO 9001:2000 in October 2008. We received the following e-mail from their ISO 9001 Management Representative:

"Good News, we are approved for certification for ISO 9001:2000. Your CIS system works great!"

We believe that these three simple words says it all "It Works Great".



I have worked with Deborah and find her to put the client at ease during internal audits. When the client is comfortable with the auditor during the audit it becomes a learning experience for the client. Deb is thorough and inquisitive. She follows the audit plan and stays within the scope of the audit. Deb provides complete and understandable reports with information to help the client improve their quality system.- Dan Uthe


Customer Testimonials


December 9, 2009


Quality Improvement Consulting

17204 E. Kensington Place Fountain,

Hills, AZ, 85268



Attention:           Deborah Leary


Dear Deborah,


It is always nice to hear great things about our products. We have many testimonials and references on our website. However, this week we received an e-mail from a client (The Mirachem Corporation) who was asked three questions about CIS by a company considering purchasing CIS Software.  When we read their response to these questions, we asked Kiersten Summers from The Mirachem Corporation if we could share this information with our resellers and customers and they agreed.


These types of references re-affirm that our software and business model will grow and will continue to be successful. Please feel free to share this with your potential clients.


The Questions:  (potential customer’s name is confidential at this point)


We are currently evaluating CIS software.  Your name was given to me as reference.  Your brief answers to the following questions would be greatly appreciated and would help us in our evaluation. 


1.       What do you like most about CIS?

2.       What do you like least about CIS?

3.       Do you recommend it?


The Response from The Mirachem Corporation:


I would be happy to answer any questions you have on CIS.


1.       CIS is a very easy system to organize and track all aspects of your quality system.  It functions as a database and with the customizable fields you have limitless ways to be able to view, sort and report your data. Since it is web based, there is no software to worry about IT having to keep up to date on all machines.  Remote staff can easily enter data from on the road instead of having to remember when they get access to the office. Reports can be done in either table format (that you can copy and paste into Excel) or graphs.

2.       CIS is still being improved by user feedback.  The downsides are that this is not a product that has been perfected, but the big pro that goes hand in hand is that the designers actually WANT you to suggest changes/upgrades/new items.  Instead of just putting out a product and saying here it is – they give you a tab to report any problems and suggestions.  They have already incorporated a couple of suggestions from our company in their updates.

3.       I use CIS on a daily basis and would highly recommend it to anyone who is using ISO 9001:2008 or other ISO quality systems.  I just had our surveillance audit yesterday and the auditor was impressed with the amount of data we have in the system.  We attribute that to the ease of everyone being able to enter their own information instead of having that all reside with the quality manager.  In addition, everyone can run reports on their open action items, the system will send them reminder emails directly and the quality manager doesn’t have to be the “nag” to make sure everyone is accomplishing what they need to do.


In summary, we would not have even become ISO certified if we did not have this software, it makes the daunting task of certification manageable and instead of just being certified, we are daily finding valuable quality improvements to our processes based on the data we collect.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.  You can contact me directly, my information is below.


Thank you,


Kiersten Summers

The Mirachem Corporation

PO Box 14059  Phoenix, AZ 85063-4059

602-415-9262 ph  -  602-353-1411 fax

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