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ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100C Consulting
ISO 9001 And AS9100 Consulting That Fits Your Needs

AS9100 and ISO 9001 Consulting, Training, and Auditing Services

We offer a variety of business consulting, training, quality auditing services to help you manage your business with an emphasis on cost reduction and continual process improvement.

Let's face it-hiring an "unknown" Quality management consultant can be tough. Especially when your reputation is on the line. Our job is also our passion-making you look good by helping you achieve results with your quality management system objectives. If you have been let down in the past by other consulting firms who produced shoddy documentation, missed deadlines, or simply didn't understand your business process objectives, you can rest assured that won't happen when you work with us.(Check out our client testimonials on this website). You want to look good-to your customers and maybe even a little to your competitors. That’s our job, to make you look good, and to help you achieve your business management system needs.

Our focus is on customer service and training. We therefore specialize in customized AS9100 and ISO 9001 training and consulting services designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

We provide basic ISO 9001/AS9100 training to companies who are well on their way towards implementation and complete implementation packages to help with document creation, training, internal audit and CIS software setup and training. This software is applicable to AS9100 certification, ISO9001 certification and many other standards.We also accept contracts from Registrars to perform ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 audits. Second party supplier surveillance audits are also services we provide. See our home page for a complete list of services we provide.

Solutions For Small Business:

For many small business management systems, there are various business consulting firms that offer ISO 9001 templates and AS9100 templates, to help you start your quality management system quickly. These templates are great tools to help you develop your documentation, but should always be adapted to reflect your process needs. A new service that we are now offering is a complete set of AS9100 templates and ISO 9001 templates to begin documenting your quality system now.

You will receive a Quality Manual, required procedures, flow charts for generic processes, as well as forms and training materials

Templates are designed to highlight requirements that the company can customize

Included are forms for:

·        Internal Audit

·        Management Review

·        Competency, Training and Awareness

·        Corrective Action

·        Risk Assessment for Preventive Actions


Use these templates and map out your company’s processes and you will have a documented system written around what you do in less than a week

Start using your new internal audit and management review programs and you can contact a Registrar and be certified to one of these standards within in a few of months

 Don’t make it harder than it is; using these templates will help get you started and ensure all necessary requirements are met by addressing all of the highlighted points in the templates so you cover your compliance to the given standard. During the process always have the standard you are documenting your system to handy for reference for the given section

For the AS9100C system two metrices are provided to ensure compliance to both the AS9100B and AS9100C standard requirements


“Don't let your quality management system manage you, let us show you how to manage it”

What We Offer:

We know how to listen and ask the critical questions that will help you develop a quality system that meets your needs.

We provide the knowledge and skills to train your employees to  insure the success of your business, ISO9001:2008, AS9100, ISO 14001,  ISO 9001:2015

RABQSA Certified Quality Management Systems Lead Auditors, so you know your system will meet the technical standard criteria.

Less documentation and superior document and record control with improved Customer/Supplier communication.

Cost effective implementations with state reimbursement options for those small to medium size companies that have limited funds.

Lead The Pack:

Don’t let the myths and misconceptions of certification to international standards keep you from attaining your goals and improving your customer satisfaction.


Quality Improvement Consulting, LLC Staff

 With this service we also offer onsite business management consulting to help you revise these templates to meet your process needs, and assist you with how to keep your system goin in the right direction.
clients.  Each client is different and therefore we create a unique consulting/training package for each of our clients.
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